Setting Course in Navigating Narcissism

I have to start my first post by saying how happy I am to be here!  Thank you for joining me. My name is Sandra, I am a registered nurse and a women who has successfully navigated out of the narcissistic relationship.  Now, I’d like to help other women do the same. I’ll start by sharing my experience and then examine, in detail, each of the critical points-of-action.

This Blog will spend very little time covering narcissistic characteristics and will not give a platform to the countless nuisances of the disorder. This Blog’s full intention is to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future! And, in order to do that, we have to chart the fastest and straightest course possible! There is a big wonderful world out there waiting for all of us and that leaves NO time to spend dwelling on the past or the Narcissist!

Before I can get started; however, it is important to explain the premise or belief from which this Blog will develop. The premise is based on the theory that if we put our attention on changing certain types of thoughts, feelings and behaviors, we can change our future. By changing the way we think, we can change the way we feel. When we change the way we feel, we can change how we respond to the those around us. And, when we change the way we respond to those around us, we can navigate right out of the narcissitic relationship!

In general, popular psychology works from the premise that in order to change our future we have to first heal our past; however, there is mounting evidence in the field of Neuroscience that is questioning these long held beliefs. As the research continues and the evidence grows on the way we heal ourselves and create our futures, I think we could all agree with Einstein’s famous
quote that, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” It would certainly follow then, that if we change our thinking in order to solve our problems and create a new and wonderful future, we will heal our painful pasts.

Navigating out of the Narcissistic relationship will require you to contend with strong currents and high winds, but that is why we put on life jackets and wear the foul weather gear. However, before setting sail, there are two important questions I’d like you to ask yourself. The first is, what do you want to achieve by following this Blog’s high sea journey?  And, secondly, why do you want to hit the high seas? Your answers will set your personal compass and wherever your compass points is where you will ultimately end up. So point it towards your absolute best life and come aboard.

In closing this post, could you take a moment and imagine yourself getting off the boat at the end of your journey. See yourself stepping onto the dock where the most wonderful, kind, loving man embraces you, then he cups your face with his big, warm hands, looks you in the eyes and with a heartfelt smile asks,… “What took you so long?”


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